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 It's back to school time!!

Most of you know me through my music as well as through the "New Thought" spiritual community.

You've shared (often, thank you!) with me how much you enjoy the music I write, the meditations I lead, the inspirational talks I give, the spiritual counseling and the fun and engaging workshops and classes I facilitate in creativity and spirituality. Many of you have also shared how you already think of me as a "minister."  (thanks for that too!)

Well....I've been accepted to the Holmes Institute School of Spiritual Leadership (Denver regional campus) and have begun ministerial studies! Yeah, I'm gettin' my bona fides...!

I hope you'll consider supporting the GoFundMe campaign for my first year of study. The fees for teleconference and online classes, books and materials as well as travel to required retreats, onsite classes and meetings several times a year add up pretty quickly.

I'm following "the call" and hope you'll come along with me for the ride! The music has been and will continue to be a major part of it!

Thank you so very much in advance!!


GoFundMe contributions can be made HERE

If the link doesn't work, please copy and paste this address into your favorite browser:

If you prefer the good 'ol reliable way (check or money order) via US Postal Service, just send it here:

Kit Holmes Music

PO Box 50306

Austin TX 78763


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